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Tue 10 / 17 / 2023
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM


Kent Island Library
200 Library Circle
Stevensville MD 21666

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Linda Teuber-Kampes
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Instructor: Madina Khamzina, MPH, Ph.D.

Program Overview

The general purpose of these classes is to provide older adults with the opportunity to stay physically and cognitively active. Each class lasts approximately 50 minutes and is divided into three parts:

§  Ice-breaking activity/warm-up

§  Main part - consisting of both group and individual activities

§  Conclusion

Each class is designed to be unique, addressing gross motor and fine motor abilities, as well as coordination, balance, memory, attention, visual-spatial skills, and executive functions. The exercises are carefully crafted to ensure safety and do not involve strenuous cardio or conditioning exercises. The instructor utilizes a variety of equipment, such as cones, balls, rockets, elastic bands, stickers, and more, to make the class engaging. Prior to participating, all attendees are required to sign an informed consent form. 

Class structure example:

10:30-10:40 – warm up/ice breaking activity

10:40-11:10 – main activity

§  Exercise on coordination with colored lines on the floor

§  Seated yoga/stretching

§  Balancing balls exercise

§  Memory game

11:10-11:20 – conclusion/feedback